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Fire Rated Putty Sticks & Pads

FSPP Series

NSi Fire Rated Putty is a moldable non-curing, one-component fire rated material for through penetration fire stop systems. In the event of a fire, NSi Putty will expand when exposed to fire, forming an insulating char, which prevents the spread of flames, smoke, gas and water through penetration openings. Installation is easy as there are no additives, there is no mixing and no curing time is required. The putty is applied by hand and adheres to all common building surfaces. Putty can be installed in confinrd or occupied spaces since there are no volatile solvents or asbestos fillers. NSi Putty systems are rated up to 3 hours in accordance with ASTM E 814, UL 1479 and ULC/CAN4-S115-M standards. NSi fire Rated Putty is available in sticks or pads. Moldable Putty Pads are available in two sizes, 6" x 7" x 1/8" or 7" x 7" x 1/8", and are classified as a wall opening protective material. Use them to protect metal electrical cabinets, outlet boxes and mechanical cabinets. STC Rating 49. Putty Sticks are 1 1/2" in diameter x 10 inches long, and are classified as a fill, void or cavity material by UL. Use them to seal around cable, electrical conduit and metal pipe to prevent passage of smoke, flame and toxic gases. They will not dry out and can be reused as additional penetrating items are installed or removed.

FSPS 05555 PUTTY STICKS - 1 1/2" DIA. X 10" LONG (18 CU IN.) - RED 12 13
FSPP-1 05556 PUTTY PADS - 6" X 7" - RED 20 8
FSPP-2 05557 PUTTY PADS - 7" X 7" - RED 20 9